Introducing the Pro-Slicer!  -  "Now You can cut like a Pro!"


 • The Pro-Slicer is a revolutionary new device for easier and safer food preparation in the kitchen.

• The Pro-Slicer is a multi-purpose tool for the kitchen. It Slices! It Dices! It Chops! 

• The Pro-Slicer offers a secured pivot point on the knife granting the user a safe, controlled cut and added leveraging power, which could reduce accidents.

• The Pro-Slicer has a unique multi-position stainless steel tower that is designed to accommodate cutting of different size fruits and vegetables.


• The Pro-Slicer not only cuts smaller food items like carrots --- celery --- potatoes easily and safely, it can easily cut large, hard fruits and vegetables like yams --- acorn squash --- those impossible butternut squash --- or those large cumbersome fruits and vegetables like cantaloupes --- cabbage --- pineapples and the more challenging watermelon.

The Pro-Slicer incorporates a back and forth cutting motion for the knife in the lowest stage.

• The Pro-Slicer knife quickly and easily engages and disengages from the tower. 


• The Pro-Slicer comes as a complete cutting system!

• The Pro-Slicer is 100% Made in the USA; and is constructed with quality, professional grade components offering years of dependable service.

The Pro-Slicer includes a high quality, 16 gauge stainless steel tower, designed for strength and durability.

The Pro-Slicer includes a professional high quality stainless steel knife.

The Pro-Slicer includes a USDA food approved poly cutting board that the tower quickly and securely locks onto.


Component Dimensions: 

Tower - Approximately, 1-1/2in. x 3in.x 7-1/2in.high. 

Knife - Approximately, 11-1/2 in. knife blade, 16in. overall length.

Cutting board - .500 in. x 14 in. x 15 in.  




But What About Clean Up?  

The Pro-Slicer knife is easily removed from tower.

The Pro-Slicer tower is quickly released from the cutting board.

In seconds, the entire device is disassembled to be placed in a dishwasher or sink to be cleaned and sterilized.



The Pro-Slicer!

Cutting Edge technology in food preparation!